Online physics resources

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project 1

This will be the main launching point for all online parts of the course. You should create your own account and join the appropriate course as instructed by your teacher. Please write down your account information and do not create multiple accounts.

project 2

This a great site that has lots of material geared directly towards a Conceptual Physics model. This site will also serve as a "textbook" for the course.

project 3

Short video lessons over most of math and a good bit of physics. Use this to help you if the provided resources are just not quite enough for you to fully comprehend a concept.

project 4

This is a collection of videos by another solid physics teacher. They are fairly entertaining and quite good in explaining many physics concepts.

project 5

A wealth of information produced by Dr. Nave (one of my physics professors at Georgia State University. His humor is drier than mine!) Much of it is beyond what we will be able to do in this class, so many of you will like it to answer some of the questions that we cannot address in our class.

project 6

This site provides many interactive simulations for various Physics, Chemistry, and Biology concepts. Most of the simulations require flash and do not work on phones or tablets.

project 7

Mechanical Energy

The true root cause of all change. Second conservation is conserved.